Will Europe Stand up for Its Artists?

(Image courtesy me and my little camera.)

Panic Sells

EU committee approves new rules that could ‘destroy the internet as we know it.’

Read What the Words Actually Say

Ignore the Bots

(Thanks to Robert Levine for noting just how poor a showing anti-copyright protests managed.)

Meanwhile, in Canada

Internet companies should also not be required to jump through hoops such as removing content based on complaints, just to avoid expensive lawsuits.
This not only puts an unfair burden on ISPs and online platforms to actively monitor users, but the fear of consequences for them as intermediaries could result in mass content filtering and widespread censorship.

(Thanks to the newspaper Blacklock’s Reporter, for drawing my attention to this tweet.)
(Image courtesy Canada’s Lobby Registry — emphasis mine.)



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Canadian novelist and poet, Executive Director of The Writers' Union of Canada, believer in the future of the book.